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High quality of products and customer satisfaction are our concern

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We bring organic products

Piarom Dates

A good source of energy, sugar and fiber

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Mazafati Dates

a good source of various vitamins and minerals

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Iran Chamomile (baboone)

Commonly used for many human ailments

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Jujube (Annab)

has traditionally been used for anti-fungal,
anti-bacterial, anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory purposes

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Barberry (zereshk)

A remedy that reduces blood bile and ejects bile out of the liver

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Dry apricots

contain fiber, minerals, vitamins, and essential phytochemicals

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All Adak products are harvested completely naturally from Iranian gardens and farms.

Very high quality Iranian products will be provided to consumers.


High quality of products and customer satisfaction is a main concern of ATR company.
ATR co to satisfy important needs of people after years research and many efforts started to produce organic products and exporting them to other countries like
ATR trading Group is honor to be your choice for further trading.

Adak group has started its activity with the aim of supplying and exporting organic products and has taken positive steps in this field. Adak Company strives for high quality products and customer satisfaction.

Ramin Azimi

CEO of Adak Development Company

Other Products

Adak also offers by-products:


Piarom Date is one of the valuable Dates in Iran and it has a large global market The Piarom date size is large, thin skin, black-brown date that is commonly considered the most delicious of all semi-dry date varieties. It is famous in Iran as Chocolate date because of being chewable.

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